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Arabian Factory offers variety of CNC designs. Comprised of simple, flat interlocking parts, every piece in the collection can be cut from any off-the-shelf sheet material by a CNC machine, and assembled with basic, readily-available hardware.  The key to successful planning and implementation of the exhibition stand is to communicate with the client effectively.

The designer should know what questions to ask to draw out all the information regarding the exhibition and marketing goals of the client. With all the relevant information at hand, the designer will be able to draft an exhibition plan that will meet all the marketing objectives of the client. Before proceeding to anything on the field, it is crucial to take the client’s approval of the plan.

Like other interiors design, exhibition design also requires both, creativity and practical knowledge. Creativity on the part of the designer is very important in order for the exhibition to be a success. A good designer for exhibition design in Dubai will understand that the ultimate goal of an exhibition is to generate maximum ‘sales leads’, that is people interested in the company’s product or service. With a clear understanding of this fact, a designer will design the layout and look of the stand in such a way that it appeals to the right people, that is the target group. An experienced designer will also make sure that the marketing message of the product or service is communicated to the target group, easily and clearly. For this purpose, he or she will employ the right combination of visuals, text, color scheme, layout, etc, for maximum impact.